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LCM x Baggles “Grey Ronin”:

- High quality pad printed design with metallic prints

- 2x Face designs (Rosario likeness and "animation inspired" which fits better with our previous Ahsoka heads in terms of style, so you could choose between accuracy or consistency)

- Wrap-around arms

- Printed hands with fingertips

- Inner leg print

- 1x Custom Lekku

- 1x Custom Lightsaber hilt

- 1x Custom Lightshoto hilt

- Custom translucent white and official trans clear blades


- 2x Face Print, Smiley (in both styles)

- 1x Custom Cloak with Hood Up

- 1x Custom Cloak with Hood Down

- 1x Custom Lekku to go with the "Cloak with Hood Down" piece (designed to work with the "Cloak with Hood Down piece" together, won't really work standalone)

LCM x Baggles - Grey Ronin

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