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Tailor-Made MOC Services

Looking for artistic, fashion-forward, or funny design services? Look no further than MOC! Our team of professionals provides tailor-made designs that perfectly fit your requirements, no matter what your style may be. Share your idea with us and we'll provide you with the best offer along with a detailed breakdown.


We offer MOC design services for both personal and corporate events. Share your initial concept with us and we'll provide you with a unique expert design that you won't find anywhere else.


No need to worry about not having enough spare time to build your own LEGO MOC, as we offer an optional service that allows you to focus on your business while still being able to decorate your home with a custom-built LEGO MOC.


We will provide you with clear and easy-to-follow instructions to help you build your dream set. Regardless of the type of instructions you need, we can create them for you.


We guarantee that your items will arrive in good condition, whether it's a complete set, individual parts, or just instructions. We use environmentally friendly materials for packaging, without excessive wrapping. This ensures safety for both you and the Earth.


You always have a choice to get all or partly necessary parts from us. We only want to focus on a good and satisfied design for customers but not want you pay for what parts you may have already.


Our commitment to you is unwavering. Whether you encounter discrepancies in construction or missing components, we are always available to assist you in resolving the issue and providing guidance for future self-management.


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